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DBManager Professional

DBManager Professional's flexibility makes it ideal for today's rapidly changing business environment, as it is able to manage all the aspects concerning data management. Also it has builtin support for the today's most used database engines: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase/Firebird, SQLite, DBF, MSAccess, MSSQL Server, Sybase and Oracle. Advanced User Interface, Powerful Features, Easy Database Integration.


DBTools Software is pleased to announce its new application for data management: QueryIT. QueryIT is a powerful query editor designer for users with no knowledge of database administration. Its advanced and simple User Interface allow users to query data from their database, and master the user of the application in just a few minutes.

DBTools Workgroup Server

Do you need to share information for DBManager Professional and QueryIT among your users? The DBTools Workgroup Server is the answer for you. All catalog's information can be shared in your private network (and also Internet) making it the easier way to share data.


A complete environment for Web Development, DBTools Conquest provides an advanced application focused on all stages of development: project, analysis, programming, tests and deployment. Supporting PHP and ASP (just to mention a few) you will have everything you need in one place. This application is still in development.

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