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2011 starts with great announcements
20th 01/2011 03:32 (6143 previews)

We at dbTools Software expect 2011 will be a great year for us, and for the database community as well.

After a long time using the same layout developed almost seven long years ago, we are pleased to present you a new website. Although we kept the same style, using only a few updates in the User Interface, these updates will help you create new features. Our main goal was to fix old problems like form submission, email reminders, registration process, etc. From now on it will be possible to enjoy this community using a more reliable development.

Some of the features implemented and/or fixed:

  • New registration process. The look and feel is exactly the same, but the processes has been redesigned to add more stability. All registration data still requires validation, but this process works perfectly now.
  • Email reminders: we have replaced all email components used in exchanging information between our website and end users. This allows for the emails to reach its destination more successfully as we are using a real account.
  • Forums Updated: a lot of attention was given to this feature. We have decided to maintain its user interface with minor updates, but add some new features. The intent is to use this feature as our main channel of communication between the developers and the end users.
  • Some work are still under development. We do intend to release all applications documentation, under our section Knowledge Base. This will help us keep the documentation updated without requiring to release a new version just for this purpose. We that in mind our users will be able to check for updated info in real time.

Do you have suggestions? Please do not hesitate to let us know. You can use our forum to make suggestions and/or report bugs, which will be addressed by our webmasters as soon as possible.

DBManager Professional 3.4.8 almost ready

This release is mainly a bug fix (actually an update). Since the some database vendors have updated their RDBMS some old code does not work properly. This release is being redirected to update its components to the newest possible available.

DBManager 4.0 reaching alpha status

This is the most anticipated version and most awaited application we have developed in the past 10 years. After a lot of work our developers announced that DBManager 4 has moved its status to alpha. What is it mean? It means that now we are in the process of only testing all its features. Some code may still be rewritten or redesigned to add speed and reliability. When it reaches the beta fase we will select some of our registered users to test it for free.

We at dbTools Software hope that all of you have an outstading 2011.

dbTools Software