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02th 05/2012 04:40 (6296 previews)

Having problems sending or receiving emails to/from DBTools Software?

It has been reached an alarming status that many of our emails have not reached their correct destination. Even worse, we also did not receive many of the emails from our customers and users around the world. Although this is a world wide problem, we have decided to change our email service provider in order to garantee more reliability to our systems in general.
If you could not reach us please consider using another email account and please do check eventual anti spam filters that you may be using.

The following users and/or customers may have had problems contacting us or receving emails from our domain:

  • New registration on our website: the email confirmation process is not working properly
  • Sending Registration Emails: this is an automated process that runs internally, but due to spam filters may not reachthe destination
  • Support Center Contacts: the email part of the process is not working properly

As soon as we finished switching our email service provider these system will work properly. But there is chance of emails still being blocked by antispam filters created on your domain/host provider.

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