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 Contacting DBTools Software

If you want to contact DBTools Software, please use one of the methods below and follow the instructions for each case.

Reporting Bugs or Sending Suggestions Web Based (Preferrable way)

  • For registered applications, you can use our Support Center which will get you in contact with our staff faster than any other way. This method allows to keep track of open requests.
  • Use our forums to see the bugs reported, questions about using the application, ask new features, etc

Reporting Bugs or Sending Suggestions Through Email

  • Send an Email to
  • If you are reporting bugs send as much information as possible:
    1. Database Server Type and Version and Operational System Configuration
    2. Windows Version (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP). Also includes Service Packs installed and/or Fixes
    3. MS DAO Version (or MSOffice version)
    4. Describe in details the operation you are trying to do and how to simulate the problem
    5. Error messages from Windows, DBManager or Database Server

    PS: You can get most of these information in the About Box of our applications.

Other Inquiries

Please, send an email to with detailed information on how we can help you.