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DBTools Software is a company whose first goal is to produce software for database management and web development. The first software hit, DBTools Manager, was first released in April/2000, and so far more than 500000 downloads has been counted since November/2001.

The DBManager 3.1.0, brought more power and support for commercial database servers line: Oracle, MSSQL Server/MSDE, ODBC, MSAccess and Sybase. The challenge now is to create a box of tools that will allow you to manage your databases structure and data, create your web pages in languages such as PHP, Perl, ASP, etc. Tools for data warehousing, designing and reporting are also being developed.

By using the state of art tools for software development we are able to create easy to use applications. After a lot of research on the most prominent technologies available for windows development, we decided to create our own database component, first released with DBTools Manager 1.0.15. In this release DBTools Manager was then able to manage MySQL & PostgreSQL databases within only one tool. The current version also supports: Oracle, MSSQL Server/MSDE, MSAccess, ODBC, Interbase, Firebird, DBF Tables and SQLite. There is no limit to where we can from here, as other engines are also in development and it should be in future releases.

A Linux port of all our tools will follow in the development schedule, too. Linux represents a real challenge, since it is a powerful and reliable Operating system that is becoming more and more popular.

We believe and we are very confident that we can develop the software you will be happy to use.

DBTools Software