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Importing Using DBTools Software (3286 previews)
Importing Using DBTools Software Posted in 29th, 08/2012 03:09 by gil
Hellow fellows

I have a db in MS Acess 97 with 2 table and i have tryed to export to a BD in PostgreSQL Ver. 9.1 but when i see the 2 tables in my PostgreSQL BD both of them are empty. I have tryed 3 times but the final result is the same. What can i do to fix it?

Thanks to all

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RE: Importing Using DBTools Software Posted in 01th, 05/2016 12:56 by gaur.aamani
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RE: Importing Using DBTools Software Posted in 18th, 12/2017 03:43 by socialw
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RE: Importing Using DBTools Software Posted in 19th, 01/2018 09:15 by sumerceft
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RE: Importing Using DBTools Software Posted in 24th, 03/2018 06:08 by freegiftcardgenrator
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RE: Importing Using DBTools Software Posted in 24th, 07/2018 08:50 by abuse.twink
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RE: Importing Using DBTools Software Posted in 19th, 10/2018 09:22 by wq24783670
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RE: Importing Using DBTools Software Posted in 26th, 10/2018 01:13 by nick67574
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RE: Importing Using DBTools Software Posted in 26th, 10/2018 01:14 by nick67574
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RE: Importing Using DBTools Software Posted in 28th, 12/2018 11:31 by oneworldrentalsg559
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