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Problems copying data between servers (3832 previews)
Problems copying data between servers Posted in 06th, 08/2012 01:12 by paul.naylor
Hi there, I really hope someone can help me with this. I have been using DBManager Professional Enterprise Edition 3.4.7 on Windows XP for some time without problems. However, I have come across a critical problem that I cannot seem to get around.

I develop using local data and it is essential that I can copy data to and from my local MySQL database to our hosting company. On Windows XP this has been as simple as selecting tables from one database and dragging them to another server where they are then copied to. Since upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate however, this function no longer works. I am able to drag a table's icon to another server but no data is copied. Not even the table structure can be copied. We also host our own data and, similarly, I am not able to copy data to our live MySQL server either.

My local and company MySQL server version is 5.0.67.
Our hosting company's MySQL server version is 5.0.95.

Can anyone help with this issue as being able to copy data from server to server is an essential requirement. DB Manager's ability to drag and drop table data is the main reason I continue to use this application and so I would be very grateful for any solution.

Thanks in advance,

Paul Naylor / Integrated Results Ltd

RE: Problems copying data between servers Posted in 25th, 03/2014 12:12 by greg197056
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RE: Problems copying data between servers Posted in 01th, 05/2016 01:32 by gautam.aashiyana
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RE: Problems copying data between servers Posted in 08th, 08/2016 12:38 by maxterizer
Muchas gracias por la información yo tenia el mismo problema.
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RE: Problems copying data between servers Posted in 18th, 12/2017 03:43 by socialw
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RE: Problems copying data between servers Posted in 15th, 01/2018 06:59 by paigemacnaghten
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Deanna Fitzgerald / Cash Savage Traders

RE: Problems copying data between servers Posted in 24th, 03/2018 06:08 by freegiftcardgenrator
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RE: Problems copying data between servers Posted in 13th, 06/2018 03:38 by wq24783670
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RE: Problems copying data between servers Posted in 13th, 07/2018 02:07 by essayexpertusa
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RE: Problems copying data between servers Posted in 02th, 11/2018 03:48 by ednaclewise
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RE: Problems copying data between servers Posted in 17th, 12/2018 09:50 by nameofthering.jelle
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RE: Problems copying data between servers Posted in 12th, 02/2019 09:43 by baileyshaw437
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Bailey Shaw /

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