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Problem importing Data (2979 previews)
Problem importing Data Posted in 05th, 04/2012 08:07 by dbtools
Hi I am trying to import a largish excel spreadsheet using the DAO import facility in DBManager Pro enterprise edition 3.4.7.

For some reason it is only importing the first 20 records... No errors are being reported.

Any idea what is going wrong?

Many Thanks,

PS I'm using mysql 5.5 installed on localhost on win 7 32 bit

A S / interXmedia

RE: Problem importing Data Posted in 18th, 12/2017 03:50 by socialw
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RE: Problem importing Data Posted in 10th, 02/2018 06:22 by srivastavpratik93
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RE: Problem importing Data Posted in 23th, 04/2018 05:18 by reddingtonroy
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RE: Problem importing Data Posted in 04th, 09/2018 08:24 by sanjaysinghania838
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RE: Problem importing Data Posted in 19th, 10/2018 09:25 by wq24783670
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RE: Problem importing Data Posted in 01th, 12/2018 04:16 by garcia.ruby8952
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RE: Problem importing Data Posted in 04th, 12/2018 07:49 by hopetchoate
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Problem importing Data (2979 previews)

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