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Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? (4304 previews)
Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 14th, 04/2011 11:28 by david
I am about to change my computer and I am checking which of my key software works in windows 7 64bit

David Hornsey / PCE Solutions

RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 18th, 04/2011 08:21 by support
Hello David,

Yes, DBManager Pro can work on Windows 7 64b with no problem. But we recommend that you use 3.4.7 since it has important fixes that helps working much better on Vista and 7 OSes.


Support Center / DBTools Software

RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 21th, 04/2015 09:57 by Shariagoshal0
But we recommend that you use 3.4.7

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RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 02th, 06/2015 03:47 by llolfifacoins
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RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 02th, 06/2015 03:48 by llolfifacoins
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RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 18th, 12/2017 03:51 by socialw
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RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 19th, 01/2018 05:02 by fivescarynightsgames
I see. Check were the dao drivers are installed. To do that search your computer and find the file DAO36.DLL. If this folder is not in the PATH enviroment variable please add it. In some cases Microsoft installs these drivers in a shared folder not visible to other applications.
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RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 10th, 02/2018 06:25 by srivastavpratik93
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RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 10th, 02/2018 06:26 by srivastavpratik93
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RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 13th, 06/2018 03:42 by wq24783670
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RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 05th, 09/2018 06:09 by kenkoiii001
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RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 19th, 10/2018 09:25 by wq24783670
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RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 21th, 11/2018 11:21 by ninjawaldin
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RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 26th, 11/2018 05:29 by uniquegirlname
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RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 12th, 12/2018 01:11 by agariogames3
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RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 12th, 02/2019 01:30 by mytrinh061995
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RE: Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? Posted in 11th, 03/2019 02:28 by phamyenmta94
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Will DBTools Manager Pro v3.4.6 work in windows 7 64 bit? (4304 previews)

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