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Spanish manual? (3703 previews)
Spanish manual? Posted in 13th, 02/2011 01:33 by dentureweb
I'm interested in adding to my website an annex for my customers can view their databases accounts. There is some manual in Spanish to see how I can adapt this solution and if possible give it security policy measures that registered users / customer.
Thank you all for your attention.
Raul Castro - dentureweb@gmail.com

Raul Castro / Denture System

RE: Spanish manual? Posted in 14th, 02/2011 10:45 by support
dentureweb wrote:
There is some manual in Spanish to see how I can adapt this solution and if possible give it security policy measures that registered users / customer.

Hello Raul,

Unfortunatelly there isn't, at least not that we are aware off. But using DBManager is quite simple. What you can do is copying and pasting our manuals (which are in HTML format) into Google Translator and get it translated to most common languages with very little effort. This will help you translate most of the complex parts and maybe create an online set of docs for use. We are in the process of creating our documentation online, accessible through our website, which will help you even more in this case, as Google Translator can translate an entire website.

Hope that helps,

Support Center / DBTools Software

RE: Spanish manual? Posted in 10th, 03/2011 05:43 by morean51
ok then i can translate any language you mean to say ha

morean51 / infowick

RE: Spanish manual? Posted in 18th, 12/2017 03:51 by socialw
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Education Posted in 19th, 01/2018 05:21 by hamishclarey
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RE: Spanish manual? Posted in 19th, 10/2018 09:25 by wq24783670
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RE: Spanish manual? Posted in 12th, 02/2019 06:42 by gracelogan052
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Spanish manual? (3703 previews)

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