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SSH Tunnel (2720 previews)
SSH Tunnel Posted in 27th, 05/2008 06:39 by merser
Are You considering to enable SSH tunneling?
Regards Soren Merser
Soren Merser / none
Re: SSH Tunnel Posted in 27th, 05/2008 09:54 by support

Yes, we are considering it. Even though this feature can be enabled in DBManager by using the Server Manager there is no way of inserting the certificate information in order to connect using it. In DBManager 4 this feature is already implemented but we are planning to also enable this with DBManager 3.x.

Best Regards,

Support / DBTools Software
RE: SSH Tunnel Posted in 23th, 04/2014 11:40 by bill58765
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RE: SSH Tunnel Posted in 26th, 11/2015 07:30 by sellfifa2
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SSH Tunnel (2720 previews)

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