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Modify Report Posted in 04th, 10/2007 01:04 by agratti
I see that is possible create and delete Report with Dbtools....but It isn't possible modify any report. I must delete and after create a new report. If I have a very complicate query, this feature is very uncomfortable, don't you?
Thanks in advance

Andrea Gratti / Scatole Pensanti
Re: Modify Report Posted in 04th, 10/2007 02:38 by support
Hi Andrea,

Actually it is possible to edit the query used by the report. After the report is built you just need to click on the Properties button on the toolbar and the query used by the report will be opened to be edited.

Hope that helps,

Support / DBTools Software
Re: Modify Report Posted in 04th, 10/2007 03:51 by agratti
Thank you for your answer and for your indication. I find what I searched...but only one thing...doesn't it better (logic) put this function near delete and execute in the 'home page' of the reports?
Andrea Gratti / Scatole Pensanti
RE: Modify Report Posted in 14th, 12/2018 06:25 by mytrinh061995
Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have so provided here QWOP

arianapham / arianapham

Modify Report (1509 previews)

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