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relationships between tables (1439 previews)
relationships between tables Posted in 02th, 06/2006 04:47 by mostafa
When I import the tables from access, how do I view the relationships between the tables in DBmanager.
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Re: relationships between tables Posted in 02th, 06/2006 09:29 by support

You can view the relationships in two different ways:

1) Select a table and click on the Table Properties link. There you will find a TAB of properties. One of them is for the relationships of the table

2) Using the Diagram Designer is the best way to visualize the relationships between tables. Select the database and click on the Diagram Designer. When the window opens you can add all tables you need. The relationships will be automatically added to the diagram.

NOTE: See that to import relationships from MSAccess to MySQL databases you need to have InnoDB set up as the default table type. Otherwise the import process will create the table as MyISAM which doesn't support this foreign keys. If MyISAM is the default table type MySQL will not raise an error during the creation of the foreign key. It would also be advisable to import all tables first and in the second process import the relationships. This is a good idea if you are importing a lot of tables.

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RE: relationships between tables Posted in 11th, 08/2018 08:18 by rickferri453
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relationships between tables (1439 previews)

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