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Importing Data Posted in 07th, 05/2006 07:38 by graham

I'm using DBTools Pro and MySQL. I'm trying to import a spreadsheet of 5000 records from Excel.

The Import would not allow me to import the complete file, so I split it down until eventually it would take some data but only around 10 records, I tried another 10 and had to reduce it again, I'm now at the point where it will not allow me to import more than a single record at a time. Clearly I don't want to have to do this.

The data is a a User db, email, name, address etc so it's nothing unusual.

Also as I've been 'experimenting' with the data to see what works and what doesn't, I've been adding and deleting test records. How can I reset the auto Primary field back to zero, so I can have a clean DB to start with ?

Any help appreciated.


Re: Importing Data Posted in 08th, 05/2006 09:57 by support
Hi Graham,

I would recommend to first check the DBManager's manual. There you will find a page for importing using DAO which has detailed information on how to avoid errors when importing MSExcel. See that DBManager has no restriction to import any ammount of data. If the DAO driver works correctly it should import all data at once.
Also you will find some useful information at microsoft.com about using MSExcel with DAO.

To reset the AutoIncrement fields of a table drop it and recreate the table. Some engines allow to execute a command to reset the status of the field.

Best Regards,

Support / DBTools Software
Importing Data (1543 previews)

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