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Installing different flavors of DBManager Freeware (1218 previews)
Installing different flavors of DBManager Freeware Posted in 14th, 11/2005 02:20 by bart.degryse
Hi Crercio,
I have installed DBManager Freeware for PostgreSQL. Now I would like to install DBManager Freeware for MySQL too. It is however not clear to me what I have to do. Do I need to install this in a different directory or is this an executable with a different name or will the installer just add 'something' to the install directory so that the executable I already have suddenly knows MySQL too.
Your answer may be something to mention under DBTools Manager Professional -> Install Tips
Best regards
Bart Degryse / Indicator NV
Re: Installing different flavors of DBManager Freeware Posted in 14th, 11/2005 06:00 by support
Hi Bart,

Actually the DBManager Freeware can only be installed for a single engine, which in turn means that you may use DBManager to manage only one engine. There is no possibility to install for multiple flavours, no matter if different directory or not. The only way to manage multiple engines is using the Enterprise Edition, or uninstalling the Freeware and Installing it for the other engine.

Some Explanations

We have noticed, after a lot of researches, that the Freeware Edition has consumed a lot of time from the development. For development, testing and documenting it. In order to continue to support it we had to radically change some things. Even, completely removing the Freeware Edition was considered, but discarded as the company owner asked to. After these considerations two decisions were made:

1) Remove all the advanced features, which includes: all Import/Export, Web Script Generator and Documenter Wizards, and the possibility to handle multiple engines on a single application.

2) Reduce the price for the Enteprise Edition and sell the product for the Engine Flavour of choice, which in turn made the Enterprise Edition more affordable to everyone, as the price was reduced in 60% in some cases.

We also have considered to create a Standard Edition, which would be the Freeware Edition as it was before at a small price, but this choice was discarded as the difference from the Enterprise Edition price would be very little. Also the Enterprise Edition has been improved a lot. For instance, the next release (3.2.0 this month) will bring a lot of new features and improvements to make the experience of dealing with Database Administration as easy as possible.

If you have any suggestion or comment, please feel free to let us know.

Best Regards,

Support / DBTools Software
Installing different flavors of DBManager Freeware (1218 previews)

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