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Galvalumed Steel Plate Characteristics (134 visualizações)
Galvalumed Steel Plate Characteristics Postado em 02/03/2019 01:00 por jqq921
Regardless of any product, you must first understand its features and performance in order to use it reasonably. The following is mainly about the characteristics of low cost Galvalumed steel plate.

1. Sound-absorbing and heat-insulating performance--The porous foam core layer has good sound-absorbing and heat-insulating properties.
2. Large area, lightweight - light body materials, reduce building load
3. Rich in color, long-lasting stability - fluorocarbon paint coating, rich in color, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistance, mildew, rain as new
4. High toughness, high strength - better toughness and strength than similar products
5. The construction is convenient - the product can be directly nailed, drilled, sawed, planed, easy to handle the special roof shape such as façade and arc window

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Galvalumed Steel Plate Characteristics (134 previews)
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