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The Cause Cracking Of GI Steel Coil (122 visualizações)
The Cause Cracking Of GI Steel Coil Postado em 01/03/2019 06:28 por jqq921
Last time I introduced two factors that led to the cracking of GI steel coils. Today, GI steel coil with spangles manufacturer will talk about two other factors.
1. Material thickness and mold clearance
The matching of mold gap and material thickness during the stamping process is also an important factor leading to material cracking.

2. Processing lubrication
The surface roughness of the material will affect the oil storage capacity of the surface. The appropriate surface roughness of the steel coil is also very important for the stamping performance of the material. At the same time, the choice of oil quantity is very important. If the oil quantity is too small, the material will not be fully lubricated during the stamping process, which will cause the material to be stamped and cracked. If the oil quantity is too much, the material will slip easily during the striping and forming process. Production rhythm.

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The Cause Cracking Of GI Steel Coil (122 previews)
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