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Weight Loss - Sites For Reviewing Fat Burning Programs (119 visualizações)
Weight Loss - Sites For Reviewing Fat Burning Programs Postado em 28/02/2019 03:18 por quinnrithi
Of these two ways to create a calorie deficit, Raspberry Ketone Plus Review burning the fat through activity is far superior to trying to starve it off. What happens when we cut calories too much is that it does cause some weight loss at first but it also causes muscle tissue loss. This is not a good thing for an overweight person as it causes a decrease in metabolism (the rate you burn fuel).

This is the general pattern of conventional diets, you lose weight at first but then you hit a plateau and weight loss stops. Cutting calories at this point only digs you into a deeper 'metabolic hole" further reducing the efficiency of your fat burning machinery making further fat loss much harder.

The modern approach is to do the opposite of dieting and that is to burn the fat off using strength training exercise to increase the metabolic rate so you are burning more fuel every minute of the day and night. Dieting slows this down, proper exercise increases it. Proper exercise also has major health benefits, while starvation can only create health problems both short term and long term.

To get this increase in metabolism you have to work your muscles through their ranges of movement under a load. Recreational endurance activities like walking, jogging or cycling will not do this, so keep those activities as part of your active lifestyle but remember only muscle building and strengthening activity has the power to increase your metabolism.


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Weight Loss - Sites For Reviewing Fat Burning Programs (119 previews)
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