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artificial seawater sodium removal test (116 visualizações)
artificial seawater sodium removal test Postado em 27/02/2019 10:16 por birder2525
The artificial sea water solubility sodium removal effect of sodium chloride at room temperature for 369, namely the concentration of saturated jaw plate fixing method Solution was 26.5%, while the content of sodium chloride in sea water is about 2.65%. Red mud processing production line requirements more strict, in fact, red mud treatment process is relatively complex.

At the same time, we from the literatures that the content of magnesium chloride from seawater is generally 0.23%, so in theory can be used to replace the magnesium chloride solution of seawater immersion on red mud and repeated the ion exchange thoroughly, to use the production of cement red mud requirements, so you can save cost.In the laboratory, we in accordance with the standard configuration of artificial seawater, artificial seawater preparation of a certain amount, and then said to take 50 grams of red mud, each with 200 ml seawater immersion in 5 hour, repeat three times.

Filtration after drying, the determination results of Na20 content, the red mud treatment, reduce the content of Na20 in the red mud to 0.78%. The experiment results show that it is feasible to reduce the content of alkali to process red mud utilization of seawater. This may be the use of a large-scale and effective ways to control the red mud. In fact, the composition of sea water is more complex, which contains CaCl2, MgS04 etc.

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artificial seawater sodium removal test (116 previews)
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