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Machine use matters needing attention (142 visualizações)
Machine use matters needing attention Postado em 15/01/2019 11:10 por birder2525
Machinery and equipment productivity maximization and the longest life flower is every entrepreneur hope, want to achieve this goal, the entrepreneur to in addition to impact crusher regular maintenance, but also the need for a process in the operation of the device in accordance with the instructions on the steps. Specifically fluorite ore crusher use matters needing attention which to have? Please read the following article content is introduced.

Before the start of the lubrication need first to examine impact crusher bearings, have a look have a look is good, but also bearing grease at the joint of the lining board is enough, if the lubrication is not good or lubricating oil shortage, so the need for timely solve; second, inspection of fluorite ore crusher fasteners have relaxation if found that the relaxation, the need for timely fastening, to ensure normal operation of equipment; finally, also check the crushing cavity is clean, if it is found that the foreign body or the need for timely removal of ore.

The first test of no-load test, ensure the fasteners condition as well as the flywheel, wheel running in good condition, ensure the row material outlet normal adjustment device. Such as impact crusher run continuously for two hours, must observe the temperature; secondly, load test run, check operation of process equipment, there is no period or significant impact, crash, if there is the need for timely fastening adjusting seat and a frame ear seat, when the machine eight hours continuous operation of crushing fluorite ore, the need to observe the temperature of the bearing.

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Machine use matters needing attention (142 previews)
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