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washing efficiency of sanding machine (210 visualizações)
washing efficiency of sanding machine Postado em 10/05/2018 06:09 por birder2525
Sand washing machine is widely used in highway, water and electricity, building industries such as washing, grading, impurity removal, and the fine-grained and coarse-grained material washing operation.

Sand washing machine has multiple functions, in sand washing, sorting, dewatering into a whole, a thorough cleaning to realize powder, impurity, can provide users with high-quality, clean sand mechanism. sand washing machine mainly through internal spiral device for sand and stone of stirring, the soil and water sand stone in the fully mixed, discharged from the equipment on the mouth, so as to achieve the effect of sand washing. At the same time in the spiral device under the effect of the particle size, due to the decline in the quality of different liquid velocity is also different, according to the principle of material to achieve the objective finally discharged from the discharge at the top of the mouth. sand washing machine can be divided into double spiral sand washing machine and single screw sand washing machine.

They work the same, but the washing efficiency of double spiral sand washing machine more processing capacity is high, the washing effect is more ideal, is the ideal choice for sand washing equipment. After years of careful research and improvement of our spiral sand washing machine fully absorb foreign advanced technology of sand washing, in order to improve the stability of equipment in operation, it uses the high quality material. To ensure the comprehensive performance at the same time, engineers continue to simplify its structure, it is more compact and reasonable, simple maintenance.

The sand washing, three kinds of function separation, dehydration by the user consistent high praise, not only reduced the related equipment investment, largely enhances the sand washing effect, sand product quality, cleanliness is higher, therefore, was washing, widely used in different industry classification, impurity removal operation. It has the properties of so high, so the spiral sand washing machine price is not very high? Our quotation is in the medium level in the same industry, has a high price.

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washing efficiency of sanding machine (210 previews)
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