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to be releasing the Field and Stream Total Outdoorsman ChallengeVideo Game. This new interactive product is the perfect compliment to our highlysuccessful editorial, television and event franchise, said Eric Zinczenko,publisher of Field and Stream. Now whether youre in the woods or in the comfortof your own home you will be able to test your skills to see if you have what ittakes to be a Total Outdoorsman. More than 30 big game, small game,predator and game bird species roam each of the multiple environments, whichfeature exciting wildlife activity and varying weather conditions in both dayand night cycles. Gamers can play in serious and casual modes, starting withPractice Mode, where they learn to aim at targets and train with skeet shooting.Free Hunt Mode allows players to hunt any animal without restrictions,regulations or licenses. Players can also experience the thrill of the hunt inUltimate Hunt Modethe most challenging, rigorous experience in the gamewhichrequires players to use traditional tracking and stalking techniques to huntprize catches and brave the wilderness. Gamers will set their crosshairs inMay 2010 with Field and Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge for Xbox 360. the darling of the indie gameindustry, will hit retail stores across the U.S. in January. MumboJumbo, aleading developer and publisher of casual games, will publish the uniqueplatform game for PC and distribute the title to retail stores nationwide.Developed by Number None, Braid is aplatform Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil game in a painterly style that allows players to manipulate the flow oftime to solve puzzles. The journey follows Tim on his expedition to save theprincess. In each world, the player has different powers that impact the passingof time in strange ways. The player must figure out how to use these powers tosolve each of the 60 levels. Braid has amassed nearly two dozenawards since it first launched for Xbox and PC digital download in 2008,including the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Awards’ Casual Game of theYear, Games Magazine Best PuzzleArcade Game of 2008,

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