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Frequently Asked Questions

This article is a list of the most common questions asked in our forums and to our support.

Q. I'm trying to connect to my server but there is an error message saying it couldn't connect. Why?

A. You may check the section 'What do to in case of problems' in the DBManager Online Help for details and answer.

Q. I'm trying to connect to my MySQL server but I'm getting the error "access denied for user@host (Using password: YES)". What can I do?

A. Check the privileges for this user, specially if he/she has privilege to connect to the server from the host where the DBManager is installed. You can find more information in What do to in case of problems section of DBManager's online help.

Q. I'm trying to import a MS-Excel worksheet into a table but I'm getting an error Numeric Overflow. Why?

A. The columns defined in the worksheet should be formatted identically. Avoid using different formats (like text and numeric) in the same column in different rows. It's also very important to reorder the rows to have the empty columns at the end. The DAO drivers tries to guess the field type from the first couple of rows (I'm not sure how many). When finding empty cells they are treated as text. One solution to avoid these problems is importing the worksheet into a MS-Access table and then to convert/import this data using the DAO Import Wizard.

Q. The DBManager is crashing every time I try to Import a MS-Access 2000 database. Why?

A. To import MSOffice 2000 or higher files (MS-Access, MS-Excel) you need to use DAO 3.6. If you have installed MSOffice it's just a matter of checking the option Settings Þ Data Þ  Use Dao 3.6.

Q. If I try to import a very simple Access97 database table I get SQL errors, but I can't see why.

A. MS-Access allows you to use reserved words as table and column names. MS-Access also allows for some special characters to be used in these names, like: spaces, quotes and a variety of strange chars. The DAO Import Data Wizard replaces these chars with _ (underline). In DBManager Professional there is a table in the Catalog to register reserved words. If the wizard finds a reserved word it adds fd_ at the beginning. This solves the problem.

Q. When using the Table Editor, After I save and try to add more fields I get a message about the MYISAM file not able to rename it because its locked (Error 13). My database server is installed on a Window NT4 or 2000 Server. Why?

A. This problem has been reported by many users using MySQL on Windows NT 4 or 2000 servers. We tried to debug the MySQL C API to solve this problem but without success. It only causes problems on Windows systems. If you are using the database server on a Linux Box everything works like it should.

Q. I'm trying to import a DBF or paradox table into my database server. When I select the data source in the DAO Import Wizard I get an error message like "Couldn't find the ISAM driver". Why?

A. Run the MSOffice setup again and install the additional ISAM drivers you need. By default the DAO drivers only works accessing MS-Access Databases (*.mdb). For other sources (Clipper/Dbase/FoxPro DBF, Paradox, MS-Excel, etc) you need an extra driver, called ISAM installable driver. These drivers may also be required if you are trying to import from these sources using DAO ODBC.

Q. I inserted a server and it is connecting just fine. The problem is whenever I create a new database it doesn't show up in the Tree control. I can't select another database other than the one I chose in the Server Manager connection. How can I fix that?

A. When configuring a new server connection the database options will only used for only that database. This is specially useful when connecting to some servers which are configured not to show the databases available on the server. If you want this connection to handle all databases you must leave the database field empty. This only affects MySQL servers.

Q. My MySQL servers has at least 10 databases but I only can see just a few when I connect to the server. I left the database field empty, so I could manage all of them in one connection. What is happening?

A. Probably the user you are using to connect to the server doesn't have enough privileges on some databases. Whenever a connection is made to the database server, a list of the available databases is recovered and a USE db is issued against it to test if you have sufficient privileges for it. You can solve this by giving at least the privilege USAGE on each database. Remember that USAGE is not available on all MySQL versions. Check the MySQL manual for additional information.

Q. I'm connecting successfully to a PostgreSQL server over a modem connection. The problem is every time I try to select one of the databases to see its tables it takes a long time to perform the task. Why?

A. PostgreSQL doesn't allow issuing a USE database command like MySQL does. In fact each connection to the server needs a database. The DBManager handles this by closing the previous connection and opening a new connection with the new database. Using a modem connections can be slow. In this case try using a different connection for each database you need to manage, creating extra connections in the Server Manager. Remember that if your database has many tables, it will take a long time anyway.

Q. I have just created a Foreign Key on a InnoDB Table in my MySQL database. Why doesn't it show up or raise any error message?

A. MySQL doesn't have any C API function nor SQL command to recover that information from its catalog. The only place where you can retrieve this information is issuing a SHOW TABLE STATUS and take a look the comment field. Unfortunately, this is not a good solution since many things may appear on this field, including table comment and InnoDB free space.

Q. I have successfully created a Foreign Key in a InnoDB table. The problem is that I'm trying to drop it but I couldn't. Why?

A. This is a InnoDB problem. MySQL and InnoDB currently don't support  DROP CONSTRAINTS. Please, check the MySQL manual for additional information on this matter. MySQL developers have been releasing new versions very quickly.

Q. I'm trying to create a Foreign Key in a MySQL table. Although no error message is raised the Foreign Key is not created. Yes, I checked the table comment to find that out. Why?

A. Only InnoDB tables support Foreign Keys. Check if you are trying to create constraints on another table type.

Q. I'm running a query, with correct syntax, but I'm getting an error message "Query is Empty". I tested the query in the mysql/pgsql console and it worked just fine. What's wrong?

A. In the mysql/pgsql console you need to end a query with the character semicolon (;). This is only needed if you are running a query in the console application. In the Query Editor the query needs no ending character. Remove the semicolon and run the query again. This happens because the query editor parses the query to send the queries individually. After reaching the semicolon and nothing after it, it results in a empty query, which causes the error.

If you have any questions, please check out support center for detailed information.