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Our History
Shandong Meika Wheel Co.,Ltd. founded in 2016 is an upgraded forging wheel manufacture based on the original Shandong Detong Wheel,which has world advanced equipment and technology. With total 52million US dollars fixed assets, the most advanced forging process like CAD,CAM,CAE simulation, simulation tools are widely used in design and development, resulting in more accurate and rapid design.
Our Factory
Located in Xishui industrial zone, Dongying city, Meika Wheel integrated enterprise involvs in design, production, processing and sales of automotive wheels.
Our Product
Product covers full range of truck aluminum wheel, truck steel wheel and tires. With total 52million US dollars fixed assets, the most advanced forging process like CAD,CAM,CAE simulation, simulation tools are widely used in design and development, resulting in more accurate and rapid design.
Product Application
Meikawheel products are widely applied in heavy-and medium-duty trucks, commercial trailers, buses, light commercial trucks, and specialty and military vehicles.
The advantage of forged aluminum truck wheel
Lighter: forged alloy wheels with "light and strong" characteristic weight is lighter than steel wheels, 45%-50%
More economical: save fuel consumption of 1%-3%, each trip increase of 0.7 tons of cargo capacity.
More beautiful: custom diamond tools, products surface can reach the specular level.
More steady: reduce the weight of suspension/damping down, reducing shock absorbers wear, as well as improve driving smoothness/operation.
Quick heat dissipation: preventing brakes overheated and reducing tire burst.
More strong: after strong cold spinning process, refine grain increased density again; making the product more compact internal organization, more mechanical strength and resistance to deformation.
Our Certificate
Shadong Meika Wheel Co., ltd has passed the Smith laboratory SAE certification, German TUV certification, DOT, ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification, which guarantee the stable quality and reliable performance of the products.
Production Equipment
The advantage of our manufacturer facilities:
1. The most critical material selection. The quality of raw material will decide the quality of final products.
Thorough examination of British –made OSA ( Optical Spectrum Analyzer), Germany metallurgical microscope and tensile testing machine, ensuring the chemical component, phase organization and mechanic property all meet the standard.
Ultrasonic flaw detector tolerates no flaw of the raw material.
2. Cutting process.
World–leading automatic and high precision cutting machine from German Moessner, enabling each product weight difference within ±0.1kg, aluminum bar cutting meeting production standards with precision.
3. Bar heating process:
Using Japan Sanken technology and Dongda Sensor furnace manage the aluminum bar reach the best forged temperature.
4. Press forging:
More than 10 000 tons forging press machine, fully ensured the workblank with more compact structure and much better performance.
5. Strength Cold Spinning:
The first brand of the world German LEIFELD spinning machine, completes the cold spinning process automatically.
6. Enhanced T6 heating treatment:
Japan Sanken stepwise thermal treatment furnace completes the high-temperature solution treatment, quenching and low-temperature hardening process. An all-in-one systematic thermal treatment stabilizes the product inner structure of mechanical strength and solidity.
7. Machining production line:
Taiwan Far East digital dual-blade turret lathe, processed in one go and the product dynamic balance greatly improved.
8. Final polish:
Automatic system polish machine from Spain Autopulit gives final fine polish.
The polished products is safer, more stable and more environmental protective.
Production Market
The wheels with brand “Safewheel” has got large share in both domestic and overseas market. To establish a strategic partnership with Dandong the Yellow Sea bus, in cooperation with a number of Hongtai Trailer Factory, business platform sales network in South Africa, Australia, America, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Germany and so on.
Our service
Developing planning
An annual output of 500 thousand sets of light weight aluminum alloy wheel project has been put into production and operation.
After the completion of the second phase, the annual output will achieve1 million sets .The product covers 15DC tubeless trucks and buses series products and High-grade SUV passenger wheel.
The development of research and new product
Signed a long-term development strategic cooperation with the National Engineering Research center and the National Engineering Research Center of materials science and engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Personnel training
Cooperation with Ji'nan Institute of technology provides a good platform for the development of personnel echelon.trailer parts

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