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Design Of Limestone Trapezium Mill (139 visualizações)
Design Of Limestone Trapezium Mill Postado em 06/03/2019 10:01 por birder2525
In our country's O2 emissions, thermal power plants and coal-fired boilers are emissions industries. Limestone desulphurization technology is currently the most mature technology for controlling O2 emissions in the world. The most common application is the limestone trapezium milling process introduced by Shanghai Zenith, with a desulfurization rate of 95%.

At present, most domestic power plants use limestone-gypsum wet desulfurization. The desulfurization agent in the desulfurization process is mostly limestone trapezium powder. It can be said that the fineness, quality, particle distribution, and reactivity of the limestone trapezium powder are the key factors affecting the desulfurization effect.

The specific limestone ultra-fine powder desulfurization process is: first, the ultra-fine limestone powder containing more than 50% calcium and more than 325 mesh fineness is slurried, and O2 in the coal-fired flue gas is filtered out, so that the power plant is reached. The purpose of desulfurization in coal combustion. In this process, the quality of limestone ultra-fine powder is a key factor in the desulfurization efficiency and the degree of environmental protection.

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Design Of Limestone Trapezium Mill (139 previews)
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