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FAP Turbo - Did FAP Turbo Join the Hoax Bandwagon (164 visualizações)
FAP Turbo - Did FAP Turbo Join the Hoax Bandwagon Postado em 01/03/2019 05:32 por quinnrithi

Numerous illegitimate foreign currency trading products proliferate in the Forex market today. Online Income System Review They take a chunk of the market because they show outstanding back test results. However, the truth is these illegitimate Forex trading products hustle their customers because they fail remarkably when they are trading live. These software products are doomed to lose a lot of money when trading live because they are programmed to fit past results not the fluctuating changes of the Forex market.

On the other hand, FAP Turbo's back tests and live tests results are basically the same. At first, one would be skeptical to buy this product because its back test equity curve is so impressive that it looked too good to be true. But with due research, one would discover that the software program trades in the long term trend and thus its winning percentage is high and its drawdown low.

In the past nine years, FAP Turbo's winning rate - the percentage of winning trades that the software makes - has reached 95 percent on average. Live testing reveals an even higher winning rate.


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FAP Turbo - Did FAP Turbo Join the Hoax Bandwagon (164 previews)
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