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5 Quick Organic Snacks - Dieters Eliminate Those Hunger Cravings (167 visualizações)
5 Quick Organic Snacks - Dieters Eliminate Those Hunger Cravings Postado em 28/02/2019 01:11 por quinnrithi
When sick and burdened with pain and suffering, 30 Day Ketosis Diet Review our advice is to fast, followed by a diet of uncooked fruits and uncooked green vegetable salads. Our clients heed the advice and those overweight, began to lose weight. Notice how a fleshy person loses weight when ill, even though the illness may be mild, and last only a week or a few days more. Do you remember John Wayne, Rock Hudson, and Patrick Swayze had a noticeable weight loss. If the tissue is healthy, it will not diminish rapidly. John Wayne had forty-eight pounds of fecal matter impacted in his colon when he died.

If the medical profession knew what they were doing, while he was alive, they should have change his diet to rid the body of deadly lard, acids, and toxins that purified the blood with the rich foods we discussed in "The Great Law Revisited: Digestion." If he had fast what is lost is the useless lard, and injurious waste, fluids, and acids piled and packed in the cells, tissues, joints, and bowels are thrown off quickly, when the intake is stopped and that is what happens in a sick body.

The same favorable process of cleansing and elimination will continue when one eats of uncooked fruits and uncooked green vegetables, but not so rapidly as when one is fasting and taking nothing but water. When a man who should weight 120, increases his weight to 160, what is stored is useless lard, accumulated waste, poisonous fluids and injurious acids, not healthy muscle tissue. Look at the professional body builders. Their bodies are filled with toxins, steroids, and unhealthy tissue. Sure they look beautiful, and healthy, by deceit. They do not live long.


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5 Quick Organic Snacks - Dieters Eliminate Those Hunger Cravings (167 previews)
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