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Where to Focus For Success - The Three Most Important Investments (134 visualizações)
Where to Focus For Success - The Three Most Important Investments Postado em 27/02/2019 07:47 por goldstone696
We see the Smiths Success System Revealed Review down the street with a beautiful home, a swimming pool and a new car. By the looks of things, we might consider the Smiths successful, since most people tend to base success on material possessions.

For all we know, they could hate what they are doing, they could be heavily in debt and not very happy. So why do we judge people by their external appearances and material possessions and compare ourselves with their apparent success?

Success means different things to different people. The reality is, success means whatever you want it to mean for you. Don't compare yourself with others and what they think success means. Believe it or not, you are already successful in many different ways. You just haven't taken the time to realize it yet.

I am sure you've succeeded in accomplishing many of the things you desire in life, such as learning to ride a bike, learning to read and write, graduating, buying a car or a home, finding the right person and getting married, having children, and so on. These are all desires or goals that you have accomplished.

Let's take a look at two couples. Peter and Mary dress really well, drive BMWs, live in a beautiful home and always appear to have money to spend. Would you classify them as a success?

Based on the information provided, you probably would. But if we go behind the scenes, we discover that they are not happy in their jobs, they are in debt over their heads and their only goal is for one of their fathers to die so that they can inherit his money.


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Where to Focus For Success - The Three Most Important Investments (134 previews)
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