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the structure of stone crushing production (115 visualizações)
the structure of stone crushing production Postado em 25/02/2019 12:01 por birder2525
Especially in the building materials market, fine division of multilayer screening and material fineness can effectively improve the quality of sand and gravel aggregate, also provides good conditions for the optimization of mixture ratio of concrete.

The researchers is higher in stone crushing production line test standard, the more able to structure optimization and adjustment of technical parameters of the equipment maximum, enable it to have more excellent performance in production line. Finally, the vibration tests using sieve has the basic structure of the equipment standard stone crushing production line, are installed at the upper end and the lower end of the eccentric shaft of the motor, resulting in horizontal, vertical and inclined diversified multi direction inertia force, speed up the material screening frequency.

At the same time, on the eccentric shaft are matched with each other can change the material in the sieve surface movement, can effectively but also improve the screening effect of material. At the same time, the test with the stone crushing production line to error in the process of scientific research of equipment may make fine statistics, to make the most accurate assessment of product quality and implementation in production per unit time effect.

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the structure of stone crushing production (115 previews)
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