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Analysis of construction waste crusher crushing efficiency (144 visualizações)
Analysis of construction waste crusher crushing efficiency Postado em 22/02/2019 10:07 por birder2525
The construction waste crusher is a kind of vibration crushing equipment model, it breaks through the traditional design ideas of the construction waste crusher, sieve will be closed to open sieve, sieve surface fixed beam by a layer by layer parallel elastic crusher rod and installing elastic sieve rod component, one end of the elastic sieve rod installed on a fixed beam the other end of the cantilever, the crusher surface.

In the paramagnetic material flow is a gradient distribution, this crusher bar also have two times of vibration in along with the crusher body while the construction waste crusher surface itself, high hole rate, and the material in the crushing from a layer of crusher to jump to the next layer of crusher, the material of the crusher surface erosion, making the crushing efficiency has been greatly improved, and solves the problem of material jam on the crusher.

Suspension type vibration crusher has performance advantages in many aspects: first, through the optimization design of the structure, suspension vibration model sieve crusher surface is more reasonable, unique, in ensuring perfect performance while at the same time to reduce the weight, only for the general linear vibrating crusher 20%. Second, the power consumption is reduced by about 50%, can greatly reduce production cost for user; at the same time the crusher effective surface area reaches more than 90%, the amount of processing security.

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Analysis of construction waste crusher crushing efficiency (144 previews)
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