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Different types of river pebble crusher (127 visualizações)
Different types of river pebble crusher Postado em 21/02/2019 11:16 por birder2525
Here's watch river pebble crushing equipment daily maintenance and maintenance measures. Said manufacturers river pebble crushing equipment, vibrating screen in before and after the operation, should be timely check for the anchor bolt, to ensure that the work before and after fastening, and not to a connection point to loosen.When the type river pebble crushing equipment to start work, but also pay attention to the parts between the equipment can not sound collision or close contact, to have a certain gap between each component parts, prevent damage or production make too much noise.

The end of run in circular vibration sieve, need to do is the equipment inside the residue of the material completely remove the next run, prevent the clogging. We also tell manufacturers river pebble crushing equipment, usually need to timing screen and the spring device of vibration sieve regular check, found that failure to timely repair. When the vibration sieve operation for a period of time after the lubricating oil should be added in a timely manner, also check the bearing damage, so as to timely repair or replacement.

Repair and maintenance measures and that's the river pebble crushing equipment manufacturers for the circular vibration sieve we explain, hope to be able to cause the operation and the majority of users attention. In the actual operation, all operation staff should be familiar with the basic structure and operation principle of vibrating screen, once found river pebble crushing equipment type failure to timely stop and inform professional maintenance personnel for maintenance, to ensure the normal production.

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Different types of river pebble crusher (127 previews)
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