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silica sand in sintering process (134 visualizações)
silica sand in sintering process Postado em 20/02/2019 10:06 por birder2525
The main component of lower content of sintered red mud in the red mud is two calcium silicate and calcium silicate, two is the main component of cement, so some smelter in China was also used as the raw material for the manufacture of cement. A lot of red mud disposal equipment, such as red mud crusher. But practice has proved that: if directly as raw material for producing cement by red mud, because higher sodium silica sand, silica sand in sintering process is generally in the 2% to 3.6% range, with this cement building buildings is easy to produce cracks and become dangerous buildings. While the industrial requirements of content in cement index requirements of less than 0.

8% to dry solid mass percentage is 100% meter), which is the main cause of far red mud cannot be extensively used to manufacture cement. So the exploration of red mud is simple, cheap is very meaningful to sodium removal method. The experimental principle of red mud dzation is one of the key problems from red mud dzation is actually, and reduce the content of Na*. In the red mud sodium mainly includes two parts of soluble and insoluble. The former is mainly red mud liquid in a small amount of sodium carbonate, can be washed to remove.

The latter is mainly from the solid phase of a relatively large number of (insoluble) sodium aluminosilicate, it is to compound zeolite type, with ion exchange performance. In certain physical and chemical conditions, not only the ca2 , M, Na , K ore can mutually exchange, but also, multi nuclear metal cations (such as hydroxyl aluminum thirteen dimer), organic cations (e.g., two methyl eighteen pairs of alkyl ammonium chloride) also exchangeable cations crystal layer ask. So you can use a small amount of magnesium chloride solution treatment of red mud in sintering process.

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silica sand in sintering process (134 previews)
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