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sand mining equipment special bearing design (140 visualizações)
sand mining equipment special bearing design Postado em 22/01/2019 11:18 por birder2525
Much can be said shaft directly influence the processing amount of sand mining equipment. In order to ensure the yield of such special bearings is our experienced engineers over years of painstaking research, optimization design based on the traditional sand mining equipment bearing on.

It has strong bearing capacity, good impact resistance, high reliability, and could overcome the deformation of shaft deflection. It uses a thin oil lubrication, effectively reduces the temperature of the bearing and improve the service life, and can guarantee the stability of equipment operation.

Three axis drive design also improves the sand mining equipment stress state, effectively reducing the single bearing load, so that the side force more evenly, reducing the stress concentration points, to improve the stress condition of the sand mining equipment, improves the reliability and service life of the sieve machine, laid the theoretical foundation for large-scale screening machine. Bearing conveyor belt effect is so important, so the user in the use of the process should pay attention to the maintenance, timely cleaning bearings and bearing connection part, ensure the lubricant supply, don't make the bearing temperature is too high.

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sand mining equipment special bearing design (140 previews)
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