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Quests give Mastery Books too late (111 visualizações)
Quests give Mastery Books too late Postado em 15/08/2018 04:12 por dyang3239

Keep in mind this dosnt randomize their enthusiast. Big Spider nevertheless gives 80% drop, Eye Of Time nevertheless provides x2 Maplestory M Mesos, so on etc. Just their skills are arbitrary.

There are several quest lines in the sport that award Mastery Books (20, 30, or both). The problem is that nearly all of them do it in a rather large level. The worst offender is the Ghost Ship quest line, which gives Mastery Book 20, but only becomes accessible at 150 - ten levels following the character has all their SP and ought to have their 4th jobs abilities maxed. But the Tynerum pursuit line that begins at 135 and gives 2 degree 20 and 2 level 30 books is also very likely to be too late, and the silent crusade awarding a degree 20 book in the end of chapter 3, at par 135, as well.

I see two possible solutions to this dilemma: Change the pursuit lines to be reduced level. As an instance, move the entire Crimsonheart/Tynerum quest line, or Lion King Castle quest lineup, to be 10 or 15 levels reduced, including lower enemy levels. There'll only be a difference between when one completes the prequests and when one can fight the boss. For the Silent Crusade, it could be altered to provide the Mastery Book in the conclusion of Chapter 2 (level 119) instead of Chapter 3 (135).

Change the pursuit lines to award some thing else. Most characters don't await the quest lines to give them the books, but rather buy them using one of the above mentioned procedures. By the time a quest gives the publication, it's wasted (particularly since some of them give untradeable books). Better to substitute it with something different.

If, for instance, the Ghost Ship pursuit gave a exceptional possible Scroll (100%) rather than the Mastery Book 20 it now gives, it would be a lot more useful and rescue a lot of people from destroying their new Ghost Ship Exorcist Badge for absence of a suitable possible scroll. https://www.mmogo.com/Maplestory-m/Mesos.html

Cszcy / MMOtank LIC

Quests give Mastery Books too late (111 previews)
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