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Strengthen the floor purchase considerations (26 visualizações)
Strengthen the floor purchase considerations Postado em 14/03/2018 03:53 por ruckwarmy
Naturally, water, wood flooring is a natural wood raw materials, and we all know that timber will be deformed damp, moldy, decay, wood flooring is also the same characteristics. The same is due to the characteristics of the wood itself, the wooden floor must not be exposed to long-term sunlight or ultraviolet light, if necessary, the use of curtains and other shading objects shelter, or wooden floor will appear fading, deformation and so on.
Furniture, of course, refers to the heavier furniture friends, these heavy objects easily move the floor scratches, resulting in permanent damage to the wooden floor. All high-temperature objects, wood floors will play a drum at high temperatures, the deformation of the fifth natural enemy insects, wood flooring in the production process due to high temperatures, high pressure will not have termites, but may be due to the construction environment itself Outside the phenomenon of insects coming in, if you find that insects must be killed with pesticides to avoid eating wood floors, causing damage to the floor.
Etchants and other chemicals. Consumers should avoid spilling chemicals on wooden floors when using wooden flooring. Hair dye, shoe polish and other solutions can not, in case sprinkle on the wood, do not use chemical reagents to wipe the wood floor, otherwise, the wood floor will produce albinism. The correct method is to use a suitable cleaning agent. And, wet chemical cloth on the wooden floor for a long time also easily lead to discoloration of the wooden floor. "vinyl plastic faux balcony lafayette,fencing on village green,низкая температура до пятен масла снаружи"

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Strengthen the floor purchase considerations (26 previews)
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