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Solid wood flooring how to repair scratches? (47 visualizações)
Solid wood flooring how to repair scratches? Postado em 14/02/2018 12:46 por ruckwarmy
Careless in life, heavy objects, cutlery fell to the wooden floor or sand soles walking on the wooden floor, will be varying degrees of scratching the surface of the wooden floor, destroying the paint on the floor surface; owners have to guard against the untimely, it is recommended Users in the indoor entrance or indoor place a carpet to prevent the sand on the shoes into the floor, it is best to wear soft soled shoes walking indoors.
There is also a situation that deeper scars, solid wax can be used to fill the patch repair, and then paint with pen paint, and finally polished. If you find it cumbersome, buy a bottle of floor polish and wipe it just as you would with a normal mop. Some scratches that are not particularly deep can be handled.
Solid wood floor surface is scratched, the paint is usually destroyed. This depends on the degree of scratching the surface of solid wood flooring. If the surface film scratches shallower, you can use waxing and polishing methods for processing, will be able to pull clean.

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Solid wood flooring how to repair scratches? (47 previews)
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