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Structure of Raymond mill (266 visualizações)
Structure of Raymond mill Postado em 08/01/2018 12:50 por birder2525
The Raymond mill construction also includes a feeder, which is a device that discharges the material evenly in the discharge port of the storage bin and then feeds it into the next equipment. It can be said that the feeder is essential for the construction of Raymond mill. The collection equipment is also a high-quality powder equipment used to collect grinding and crushing during the grinding process.
Raymond mill principle is the role of centrifugal force on the grinding wheel in the grinding ring to achieve a large force on the rolling, from the shovel shovel material sent to the middle of the grinding roller and grinding ring, the material under the action of crushing pressure into powder , And then under the action of the fan into the powder material blowing through the analysis machine to achieve the fineness of the required material through the analysis machine, fail to meet the required re-grinding chamber to continue grinding, through the analysis of the material into the cyclone Separate collection.
Through the Raymond mill principle and structure we have a preliminary understanding of Raymond mill, the production enterprises in the purchase of Raymond mill also need to Raymond mill parameters have a more detailed understanding, so as to buy For their own Raymond mill.

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Structure of Raymond mill (266 previews)
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