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ultrafine mill blower bearings Postado em 01/01/2018 11:41 por birder2525
blower is a very important part in the production of ultrafine mill, the parts and many components, of which the more important one is the bearing, in the production of the parts sometimes overheating phenomenon, we are here To introduce this phenomenon in the health society.
There are many parts in the composition of the ultrafine mill, such as bearings, such as screws, and then blowers, powder separators, etc. For the latter, they also include a lot of parts, of which the blower includes bearings, etc. Work requires the cooperation of these components, different components in the production may be the problem is not the same, the bearing, it is prone to the problem of fever phenomenon, we have to analyze here is why the blower bearing fever The problem.
Blower for ultrafine mill work, it has an important role, not only will affect the efficiency of the play, for the finished product particle size more intuitive, no matter what kind of impact, for the ultimate grinding benefits Say, are the result that the customer does not want to see, so we only solve the production problem in time, can guarantee the smooth operation.
(1) In the production of ultrafine mill impeller wear will cause work imbalance, then this time very prone to bearing fever phenomenon, the general solution is to replace the impeller;
(2) In order to reduce the occurrence of faults in production and extend the service life of the machine, we need to lubricate the equipment. In the lubrication, if the lubricating oil is insufficient or too much, it will also make the blower bearing heat, this time we Need to increase or decrease the ultrafine mill oil, generally only follow the established steps of lubrication, rarely appear the phenomenon of heat, the other point is when the bearing damage will occur when the phenomenon of fever, timely replacement

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