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decoration network.Solid wood heater is a foot-type heating equipment, used in the winter or excellent. But the market, many brands of heaters, the price is not the same, consumers are difficult to choose, the following small series to say how good the price of solid wood heater. First, the solid wood heater Which brand is good 1. Pioneer heater Pioneer solid wood heater is a well-known heater, in the heater market occupies an important place. Relative to other
heater brands, Pioneer Electric Company is more professional. Pioneer heater in the domestic heater market several times to occupy sales charts, and now has expanded to overseas markets. Its product is characterized by heat radiation area of ??large radiation ability. 2. The United States of the United States and the heater heater heater in China ranked among the best in the list, once won the title of ranking first. The beauty of the heater design exquisite,
beautiful appearance, stylish and generous, the application is also very wide, usually with a decorative effect. The beauty of the heater can be convection and radiation in one, greatly improve the heating effect, but also to improve the indoor air quality. Second, the solid wood heater prices due to the low threshold of solid wood heater technology, workshop-style small businesses can also produce, resulting in the quality of the heater on the market varies greatly,
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