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technology development and processing production is now settled in Tianjin, Tianjin and its surrounding areas will be assured that consumers use this extremely beneficial to the human body green products,lightweight tiles for a balcony Fully experience the nature of the room, comfortable and warm. Summer in July, heat waves rolling, July Jinling, it is passionate. After 2 years of planning, July 8, 2009 morning, accompanied by cheerful music, Jiangsu Lorente Wood Co., Ltd. that Whar floor Riverside new production base soil foundation and start ceremony was held.artificial wooden deck dealers in malaysia Jiangning District, Binjiang Development Zone, the main leadership, Nanjing Lorente flooring
Products Co., Ltd. General Manager Shao Xujiang, deputy general manager Zhao Weizhong, deputy general manager and marketing director Xu Wei and colleagues from all over the country attended the ceremony. Today,wpc flooring per sq ft fit price Whirlpool Riverside new production base site flags fluttering. The main venue around, 'Starlight overflowing Ying Lorente brilliant journey sun and moon flow bright new base to develop a new chapter', 'tree ambition for the mountains and rivers to add color to build the Spring and Autumn and the sun and the moon' and other huge mark People attention. shadow boxscalloped wood fence price10:40 am, in the passionate music, the groundbreaking ceremony
officially began. Attended the ceremony of the Riverside Development Zone and Lorente Wood General Manager Shao Xujiang have delivered a warm speech; Shao said in his speech,wpc composite manufacturers in usa today's groundbreaking ceremony is only Jiangsu Lorente Wood Co., Ltd. a hardware construction At the beginning, in the future, Lorente Wood will firmly grasp the development of China's urbanization process opportunities, innovation as the starting point, strengthen marketing infrastructure, comprehensive integration of marketing framework,outdoor pool shower supplier singapore the use of ultra-conventional marketing approach, At the same time the company will be committed to improving and

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