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with waterproof low-aldehyde resin (141 visualizações)
with waterproof low-aldehyde resin Postado em 12/10/2017 10:57 por ruckwarmy
own research and development of the national patent technology with waterproof low-aldehyde resin. The formaldehyde emission of this glue is very low, and the waterproof performance is superior, to achieve the effect of pollution control from the source, in order to achieve the second step of raw material purification.
Fu Ren floor in doing a good job of raw material purification, core purification on the basis of the surface of the floor in the addition of zinc oxide whisker composite antibacterial agent. When the surface of the surface of the bacteria mites breeding,
zinc oxide whisker material can penetrate the bacterial cell wall, can drive away the surface of the surface of E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, mites and other harmful bacteria, and these bacteria are caused by intestinal Road disease and the main cause of childhood asthma.
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with waterproof low-aldehyde resin (141 previews)
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