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overarching issues Cheap FFXIV Gil (231 visualizações)
overarching issues Cheap FFXIV Gil Postado em 27/05/2016 04:39 por juanjuan075249
you been curious about all the stat changes that Blizzard reps keep talking about for Cataclysm? They come in bits and pieces and hints here and there but finally forums.worldofwarcraftthread.html?topicIdampsidquotgtEyonix has made a comprehensive post about what we can expect. As many of you know from panels at last year’s BlizzCon and posts here on the forums since then, Cataclysm will bring about major changes to familiar character stats such as Intellect, Armor Penetration, Defense, and others, ultimately designed to make the effects of stats more easily understandable and make gear choices more interesting. As these changes will have a significant impact on how stats work and relate to one another, today we wanted to offer you a closer look at exactly what’s in store and explain some of the rationale before Cataclysm arrives. The most obvious question these changes raise is quotWhy are stats being changed, and why now?quot As the game has matured, weve run into increasingly complex issues with the current stat system. Many stats are inherently confusing, and the way they interrelate can feel convoluted. Attack Power, for example, currently translates to damage, but so does Armor Penetration. Defense provides five different statistical benefits of varying utility. Mana regeneration involves understanding multiple stats and rules and often ends up being irrelevant anyway. In addition, the difference between a quotgood statquot for a class and a quotbad statquot can be extreme. Some casters Cheap FFXIV Gil want Haste but not Crit hunters want Armor Penetration but not Haste. There are other overarching issues, as well, such as Intellect not being very exciting for casters despite it being a core stat and these are just a few examples. Our ultimate goal is make gear a more interesting and less confusing choice by making each stat valuable to more players. While the reasoning behind some of the following changes may be clear, we understand that you may have questions about some of the less obvious alterations, and well do our best to answer any

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overarching issues Cheap FFXIV Gil (231 previews)
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