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New words in neverwinter online (366 visualizações)
New words in neverwinter online Postado em 10/05/2016 04:42 por dulealee
New words in neverwinter online:

cookie cutter build : A build that focuses on min-maxing your character. Cookie being your opponent, the newbie, the cutter refers to you. It roughly translates as "1 size fits all". Used to indicate a "default" build.
Respeccing: The act of rebuilding your character. With the appropriate token, you can redesign your character, including skills, feats and more aiming to optimize your character for a specific part of the game, usually either PvP or PvE. Although you can combine the 2 with some effort, it's generally better to focus on one of the two. It's better to excel at one than being mediocre at both.

Like everything else, this has no cost on the preview server. Initial stats, race and appearance are excluded from this rebuilding. Use a race reroll token if you wish to change race and initial stats. You cannot change classes in this game.

ZAx: Short for Zen to Astral diamonds Xbox one eXchange. It is here where you can trade your AD for Zen and vise versa. Note that this exchange is purely governed by supply and demand. So if you can’t get your zen right away, be patient. It’ll come. The ZAx is accessible through its icon on top of your screen.

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New words in neverwinter online (366 previews)
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