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Valentino Flats Shoes looks (299 visualizações)
Valentino Flats Shoes looks Postado em 27/04/2016 05:31 por valentinozilis
While we love it when the men in our lives break a sweat (in the gym, in the bedroom...), we're so not into the whole sweatpants-in-public thing. But, dudes can finally get a pass on Valentino Flats Shoes the heavy cotton thanks to C. Chauchat \u2014 the fine neckwear brand has teamed up with NYC cool-kids spot The Blind Barber to produce a tie that looks like it's made from a piece of a heather grey sweatshirt, but is in actuality a Valentino jersey weave simulated using a cheese cloth under dyed Swiss cotton, which produces the discreet, grainy appearance.

To give it a little Blind Barber edge, this handmade-in-NYC neck accessory has chiffon cut-outs sewn in between the layers to channel those old-school barber poles. Whether he wears it for a Honeypot (Bushmills Whiskey, honey, lemon juice, rhubarb bitters, Valentino Pumps and mint) at the East Village hangout or for Valentino Sneakersa meet-the-parents jaunt in Connecticut, one place he won't be wearing Valentino Ballerina Flats Sale this baby is the gym.


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Valentino Flats Shoes looks (299 previews)
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