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nike kobe 9 shoes far as you can Postado em 01/04/2016 04:16 por nikesonshes
Hi, I'm Lindsey cheap nike lebron 13 Smith and this is how to do an arabesque full down. In classical ballet, an arabesque that continues to lift past a 90degree angle to nike lebron 11 for sale the floor is called an arabesque penchee. It shows off the dancer's strength, balance, agility, flexibility and extension, nike kobe 8 shoes sale and when done properly is absolutely gorgeous. You're going to want to start in the classic arabesque position. Your right arm will be extended straight out in front of you, your gaze will be slightly over your ring finger and your left arm will be out to the side. Your left leg will be straight behind you, pointed toe, straight knees for both of them. And then, you're just going to take a slight breath up and gently lower your upper body while simultaneously raising your back leg. You'll continue to do this as far as you can and then, take a little deep breath in, come back up and return to standing. Two things that are really going to help you with penchees are to, one, focus on the spot in front of you, not right beneath you as you lower your upper body. It helps to maintain your balance and it creates a lovely line. The other thing that's going to help is to think about the tension between your extended arm out to the front and your extended leg out to the back. When you think about pulling away from each other, it's going to create a dynamic reach, it's going to make the penchee look even lovelier, as well as, again, help you to balance.


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