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an ancient weapon of war sealed beneathBalandor castle.During the ensuing chaos to save the princess, a young mannamed Leonard accidentally unlocks the power of the White Knight and manages tofend off the Magi attack, but not before they escape with the princess.With thehelp of his trusted companions, Leonard will travel throughout Balandor andbeyond on a quest to save the princess before the Magi unlock other knights,which could trigger a calamity that could end the world.In this epic fantasy tale,adventurers will explore the visually stunning world of White Knight Chronicleswhere they will engage in combat as the powerful White Knight. Using theextensive selection of sliders and customization options, players can create aunique character that can be used to play online or in single player mode. Withaccessible gameplay for players of any gaming level, the active turnbasedbattle system allows for straightforward attacks and fully customizable combosystems for maximum damage, White Knight Chronicles International Edition is atrue, online RPG. The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board ESRB rating for White Knight Chroniclesis T for Teen. MAG. Kombos Review Policy Our reviews are written for you. Our goal is to write honest, tothepoint reviews that dont waste your time. This is why weve split our reviews into four sections What the Games About, Whats Hot, Whats Not and Final Word, so that you can easily find the information you want Cheap FFXIV Gil from our reviews. What the Games AboutZipper Interactive is the studio behind the original SOCOM games that created an online community in the early days of console online gaming. They have since been toiling away at their latest project, MAG. The concept of MAG is very ambitious. With up to 258 players in a single FPS match, the game takes on a much grander scale than the other FPS competition. You choose one of three different factions that are part of a perpetual war, which has consequences and effects that can turn the tides as long as there are enough willing people to help the cause.

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