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indie studios that we got in contact (488 visualizações)
indie studios that we got in contact Postado em 09/01/2016 12:04 por juanjuan075249
can now fill out the survey and register for the conference pass drawing. This survey is anonymous, and none of the information presented will be associated with any individually identifiable information. It's fair to say that this week's big PlayStation 4 reveal was more aimed at drumming up interest in potential developers for the system, rather than pulling in the Runescape players. The latter can come later Sony needs devs on its side first.What wasn't very well publicized during the two hour presentation was the role that indie developers will play in the PS4's launch. Some tidbits about indies being able to RS 3 Gold self publish was thrown in at one point, but nothing hugely concrete was mentioned.Following the show, however, a press release went out detailing the PS4 hardware and, perhaps more excitingly, a staggering list of all the third party developers and publishers who are apparently on board.And notably, a good portion of this list is indie studios. There's big names like Minecraft developer Mojang, BIT.TRIP's Gaijin Runescape games and Nintendo 3DS publisher Nicalis, while smaller yet mighty teams like Vlambeer, Spry Fox and Wayforward also feature.But with so many studios listed, the real question is: how many are actually working on PS4 Runescape games, and which have simply expressed an interest, yet been added to bump the numbers up and make the reveal seem that little bit more impressive?Many indie studios that we got in contact with told us that they weren't able to talk about their current PS4 development status, although we were able to squeeze details out of them here and there.Who's in, who's out?We didn't get off to a great start in our hunt for PS4 indies, as Mojang's Daniel Kaplan told us that he wasn't even aware that the Minecraft and Scrolls studio had been included in the release."That is more than I knew!" he laughed. "I mean we are talking with different people with Scrolls, but we havent decided anything yet."Could it perhaps Runescape Gold be the case that Sony has simply included a list of indies who are working

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indie studios that we got in contact (488 previews)
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