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The Eurovision Song Contest Quiz Test Your Knowledge of The Eurovision Song ContestWhat do you know about The Eurovision Song Contest? While this competition has become something of an annual institution across http://www.isabelmarantsa.com/ Europe, it causes quizzical looks if mentioned to someone from outside of the continent.

Each year now isabel marant shoes in May nations who are part of the European Broadcasting Union put forth a song in the hope of persuading millions of television viewers and numerous national juries to vote as the winner of Europe's biggest song competition: The Eurovision Song Contest. The winner receives a nice, shiny trophy and the hope that their winning track will sell by the millions across Europe.

Over the years, many of the songs and their singers have hit the big time, but by the same token, just as many have fallen by the wayside. International success has been a rare thing, although both ABBA and Celine Dion began their global success following wins at the competition.

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isabel marant shoes trophy and (357 previews)
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