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fullfledged games.Take for example, the aforementioned WarCraft III demo I think that theiPad’s touch screen is perfect for realtime strategy games, but I’d much ratherplay it on a 20 inchplus screen where I can have a fully functional userinterface and be able to see dozens of units on screen at once. The iPad’s screen also affectspossible control schemes. The worst controls found on the iPhone are in gamesthat use a virtual thumbstick. It’s unresponsive, unintuitive, and a pain touse; yet, it’s already being implemented in iPad games like Geometry Wars. Ialso don’t want to have to use a controller or a keyboard to play games on theiPad that’s what my PC, 360, and PS3 are for. The iPad does have a built inaccelerometer, but it’s far too gimmicky to carry an entire game’s controlscheme by itself. In order to provide compelling controls (i.e. no virtualthumbstick, peripherals, or accelerometer), the iPad needs a large screen toallow a greater range of movement than the iPhone. Obviously, no matter how bigthe iPad’s screen is, some genres just won’t work with nothing but touch screencontrols. Firstperson shooters, for example, simply can’t function without amouse and keyboard, or a thumbstick. Sure, developers could make an FPS work onthe iPad, but I can guarantee it won’t be as good as the exact same game FF14 Gil on aPC. The iPad thus faces the same precarious paradox as the Nintendo Wii: itsunique control scheme is its biggest attraction, yet at the same time, itslargest limitation.So what games would work betteron the iPad than an actual gaming console? Again, the first thing that jumpsinto my mind is a realtime strategy game. Touching a unit to select it,dragging your fingers to select a group, double tapping to attack move it’slike this device was made for the RTS genre. Sure, the iPad may not have theprocessing power to run Blizzard’s highly anticipated StarCraft II, but I’d lovenothing more than to play the original with touch screen controls.On second thought, an AppleBlizzard collaboration would probably ruin mefinanciallyRoleplaying

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