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Internal vars Posted in 25th, 05/2007 08:28 by staalef
I'm just wondering: in the picture viewer, that obviously picks up the dimension data of the blob, since it can do a true display in full size and even a thumbnail with the right proportions. I'm guessing these numbers exist inside DBmanager as internal vars at some point. Would it be possible to hand over such stuff to the user interface? Would be nice to be able to use it for example in the forms builder.
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Re: Internal vars Posted in 25th, 05/2007 10:02 by support

Actually is not that simple. The dimensions of the image can be obtained from the image only when using the Image Viewer, which in fact is a component to show images and part of the Microsoft Foundation Classes. The Form Builder, on the other hand, uses a different approach. As the form is presented in HTML format we can't obtain the image size using the same method.

FYI, We are now in the process of development of DBManager 4. The forms will use a different approach for this task. We have created an ActiveX component to work with images and Html. It will use the basic principle of MFC and we can get more details of the image even before showing it.

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RE: Internal vars Posted in 29th, 04/2014 09:22 by greg197056
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RE: Internal vars Posted in 23th, 09/2015 06:21 by apnoix077284633
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Internal vars (2062 previews)

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